Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2014 Denim DIY

One of my fav things to do is DIY's, and sharing is caring, so here's what i did with one of my denim shorts a while back.

What i love about these is the colour, the length i made them and the print i added. its pretty simple to add any print to your denim, just buy fabric glue, or if you have trust issues and would rather make sure your fabric stays on then i would advise sewing it on. i hope my step by step picture tutorial is clear enough.

Have fun DIY'ng and Happy New Year beauties :)

i used: fabric glue, blade, paintbrust and a needle

 first i unraveled the bottom of my denims, the pockets in front and at the back, and the zip area. Any place really that will give it more detail, its your prerogative. i used a blade to cut of the stitchings and a pin to unravel. this is a very tedious task trust me, so be patient.

then i took my printed fabric pieces , cut them to fit in the areas i wanted and applied my fabric glue under and a coat over them

and voila!

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