Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I saw a different you | Soul Housing Project

Jealous yet? i got to meet them and snap away. I'm so happy :) lol. if you don't know who they are, climb up under yo rock damnit! they are the trio from "i see a different you" check out their blog here you wont be disappointed. also please take a looksy at my post on groundcover. i blogged about the TEDx Soweto talk they recently gave.

 Back to how i got to meet them.

i went to Zula to check out Soul housing Project, i have heard great thing about them and i had to show some love. Soul Housing Project is a five-piece multinational band based in Cape Town, their music is southern African and urban Cape Town influences: rich, warm vocals, layered with trip-hop soul, topped with accents of hip-hop, jazz, house. I took plenty of videos of their performance, and I'm in the process of editing and putting together a bigger feature on them on groundcover. but i put a couple of pics just to share and get yall curious below

as soon as i put up the post, you will forget you had to wait, they are that good

Me and my friends clowned around as usual! FUN!

Please check out my Vlog on the night, i am reviewing the goings-on, plus a little clowning around doesn't hurt. its fun! watch!


YOU LOOK LIKE A HOOKER! (you wont get it unless you watch)

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