Wednesday, February 20, 2013

DIY: Denim shorts with a twist

I sometimes buy things, with an idea in mind for them. Sometimes works, sometimes it doesnt, and sometimes i dont even get around to getting it done, my friends call me a fashion hoarder *blink-blink* Any-hoo. I bought these shorts last year, they were way big, long and baggy but i loved them, they have character. i had no idea i what i would do with them. I got bored on a random day and just played around. This is what i did.

I used bleach, scissors, a blade and acrylic paint (or you can use any fabric paint)

Before you cut anything make sure you know exactly what length you want, put the item on, measure and mark. then you can go ahead and cut. in this case i decided to cut my shorts at an angle.

take the piece you cut on the one side and use it as a template or stencil to cut the other side, so the lengths are exactly the same

This is how they turned out

Next i decided i would dip bleach the bottom half of the shorts, i also used a brush to blotch on random parts of the upper half of the shorts.

This is how they came out after drying

Then i used a blade to make random slits on my shorts to create a distressed type of effect 
NB! make sure when you cut the slits you don't end up opening slits in areas that show a little to much of your goods, i did that by mistake, luckily the inner pocket fabric was there so i used it to cover up.
i also used a pin to unravel the threading at the bottom of my shorts and on some of the cut out areas, this can be a tedious job, but trust me its worth it

The result

I then decided to add a little more to my piece of work, i drew on random tribal patterns with a pencil before painting, so i wouldn't make a mistake

Then the fun part, Painting! :)

The black for me was too harsh, so i added white stripes to the shapes, to also make it more tribal

for the back of the shorts i made a cardboard stamp of the same shape, and stamped the black paint on

And Voila! my final product!

I've only ever worn these shorts once, i haven't found a reason to wear them.. actually no I'm lying, i honestly have no idea why i haven't worn them again *shrugs*

here's how they look


  1. This is such a cool DIY project! We're addicted to your blog, it's really amazing. Keep up the awesome work! The LEGiT team. x

    1. Thank you so much Anja. this is a big compliment coming from legit. :)