Monday, January 7, 2013

Fresh Cut

Hello lovelies. Happy new year!! i hope you all have had a great start to the year! :)

i started my year of with a fresh new cut! some of you probably think i have been going through an identity crisis, but i look at it this way, i want to embrace fashion in general and art in general through myself and through what i do before i become to old to do these type of things. I just hope i don't regret any of my looks when I'm looking through my digi-album one day :)

the day i did this fresh cut was a special one coz i got to see my family! if you are a mannequin reader you should recognize these 2 coz i have featured them a number of times on this space. i love my cousins even more after spending this short time with them, it was chuckles all day!

p.s im so sorry for the absence, a girl needed a bit of a break from this blogging thing!

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