Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Return of the Gentleman Baba: Tulani Charlie

What influences your style?
I generally get inspired by different things each day, it could be a particular concept or just from a simple idea. What basically inspires me is expressing my creativity and love for life through clothing.
Who is your style icon?
James Brown.
what are you into at the moment?
I really love vintage, and I'm not afraid to push it also make a few mordern adjustments of course
do you dress like this day to day?
have you always dressed this way?  
Yes  I'm no stranger to the formal look,however I cannot say it is a look I'm directly known for,
what does this title "the return of the gentleman" mean to you:
It means quite alot,because now the true test in fashion also comes with the ability to conduct yourself as a gentleman, in other words men are expected to be more traditional when it comes to their dress code, not necessarily abiding to old laws but to carry a sort of minimal distinct look,I suppose.
i would style my mannequin in..
My Ideal mannequin should wear:
  • Brogues, I think they are cool preferably a deep maroonish brown.
  •  secret socks (not visible to mankind)
  • Cream vanilla skinny jeans or tailored fit trousers 
  • slim fit linen shirt skyblue
  • champagne gold pigment leather suspenders not
  • sunglasses are cool weather its "john lennons" or "wayferers" nothing over the top.
  • Did I mention a navy top hat for hint of drama
  • a cool vintage watch

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