Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Return of the Gentleman Baba: Shaun Tshandu

If you are a regular visitor of Mannequin Blog you will know that i have started a segment called "The Return of the gentlemen Baba!" Dedicated to the stylish brothers out there.
What i am trying to say is this is not a blog for skirts only, but the suits are welcome too :)

I bumped into two young men a while ago while scouting for great street style. they caught my eye immediately and i had to showcase them on mannequin. I am all about the everyday person that sticks out. and these two guys looked dapper. i will introduce yall to the second guy Thulani in my next post, but for now meet Shaun..

describe your style:  
 I'd like to think my of my style as contemporary meets retro , I'd like to own vintage items too but due to a limited budget I don't own any vintage yet

What influences your style? 

What influences my style has to be my personality hey , I'm a very ambitious and well spoken young man and I hope I portray that in my clothes

Who is your style icon?
 My style icon has to Ozwald Boateng , the reason I chose him is because the suits her designs are amazing and are tailored to perfection and I love that , it symbolises how much detail goes into his clothes and I appreciate that


what are you into at the moment?  

I really don't believe in 'in things' , for example when I buy clothes I buy items that I feel are timeless and can be worn in the future as well but to answer your question , I'd have to say loafer's are an essential for every man this summer

do you dress like this day to day?
Yes I do , I believe my clothes or style should represent who and what I am

have you always dressed this way?
No I haven't always dressed this way but as I grew older I have a new appreciation for clothes and I am a man now so the way I dress should show that too

what does this title "the return of the gentleman" mean to you:
This title to me means that elegance has returned to the mans style and that men should no longer just put on clothes but be conscious of what they are wearing and have an elegant touch to their style

I would style my mannequin in..
* Black suede loafer
* Bronze skinny leg trouser
* Brown skinny belt
* Light blue fitted shirt
* Navy blazer


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  1. Fashion can represent your personality without saying a word...great job guys I like the pixs #fashionCop