Wednesday, November 28, 2012

So i cut my hair... Again!

So i cut my hair again! this time i did a mawhawk type of effort. its just one of those things that just came to me, and i kind of dig it. Thanks to my friends Azola and Hlomi for taking these crazy snaps, i don't know what got into me when i took them, i think its the new hair, its got me feeling crazy, rebellious and full of energy.

btw.. excuse the tights that make an appearance in my shots. it was the first time wearing this dress, and the slits on the side got me nervous, so i needed extra help to cover up. I'm glad i did, coz the positions i found myself posing in left a lot to the imagination. haha

i am wearing: Hi low aztec print dress (Mr Price) | Leather jacket | thigh high sheer socks | combat boots | slouchy bag |


  1. I love the dress :) I have been eying it for some time now. Didn't think i could nail it, but you sure did! Big fan!