Friday, November 9, 2012

Part 2: Exhibit B

Technically this is part 3 of my night, but i got these pics ready for upload before the ones im meant to put up, so lets pretend this event came next shall we :)

This is the even i was meant to originally attend Thur night (before the others came up) hence the attire. The caftan was meant for an exhibition and not for a store opening or for an unplusgged session which i was derailed into attending! not that im complaining, those events were all worth it.

now lets talk about Exhibit B. I LOVED IT!!!! im honestly too lazy to go into the deets, as i already have and to see what i had to say about the event check out Groundcover, i blogged about it there.

i am wearing: Caftan: Market | Zulu tire shoes | slouchy tribal bag

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