Monday, November 19, 2012

Fabian store opening | late night shopping experience

Its very hard to push out a post on a Friday or on a Monday. For me they are the busiest days, which is a shame because that is either the day after a function or after the weekend where I get most of my content. Where is this going? well if you have been stalking my blog for pics please be patient and please keep stalking :)

speaking of stalking, fyi my newest style of snapping shots now'a'days has been dubbed (by me) the stalker perspective. this is what i do, i sneak up on people and snap what their wearing without them noticing. it eliminates the very hard exercise of having to approach each person and ask them from a pic, plus it eliminates the very posy posy fake say cheese for the camera thing i hate.

I attended the Fabian store opening on thur. well Fabiani has always been there at that particular mall, the point of the do was to let customers, investors, media and supporters that fabiani will not change because Foschini is now their BIG BOSS.

I say bring on th party. Any excuse to get dressed, network and indulge in the finest. All in all it was a good one. Thanks Sbu.. AGAIN!

I am wearing: Chinos | oversized boyfriend shirt (thrift) | neckpiece  (woolies) | Platform sandals (Mr P) | lace socks DIY | vintage bag

 i snapped these outside my place. the lights looked cool

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