Wednesday, November 28, 2012

So i cut my hair... Again!

So i cut my hair again! this time i did a mawhawk type of effort. its just one of those things that just came to me, and i kind of dig it. Thanks to my friends Azola and Hlomi for taking these crazy snaps, i don't know what got into me when i took them, i think its the new hair, its got me feeling crazy, rebellious and full of energy.

btw.. excuse the tights that make an appearance in my shots. it was the first time wearing this dress, and the slits on the side got me nervous, so i needed extra help to cover up. I'm glad i did, coz the positions i found myself posing in left a lot to the imagination. haha

i am wearing: Hi low aztec print dress (Mr Price) | Leather jacket | thigh high sheer socks | combat boots | slouchy bag |

Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Return of the Gentlemen Baba: Denim and Print

I, and I'm sure I'm speaking on behalf of most ladies out there, love how gentlemen are making an effort in terms of their appearance. They are bringing it back to how dapper our grandfathers and great grandfathers used to look, and carry themselves. i have been bumping into a lot of well dressed guys on the streets of Cape Town, and i will be posting more on them as i have been getting complaints that i neglect the guys. Fella's this is for you. and i call this segment on mannequin "The return of the gentlemen baba"

Tell me what you think. and for more on these snaps visit my street style blog on the reg, as i will be updating there

BTW how major does this gentleman look? huh?

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Before i die

 A while back me and Sandi were walking up long street while taking snaps of fabulously dressed people, and we came across this wall called "before i die" its basically an interactive wall where people write their dreams and wishes of what they would love to do before they die. on the opposite side is a lovely illustration of a rhino. Her name is Lola, and she is now my pet rhino, she also gives me lifts to places when I'm tired, she's sweet. :)

i am wearing: aztec print shirt (thrift) | sleeveless jersey (jay jays) | Denim shorts (DIY) | combat boots and slouchy bag (green market square) 

Mannequin on the streets

I've started taking a lot of street style pictures of people i bump into, and i don't always put them up, coz i mainly i do it coz i recently started contributing for true love magazine. so most times i have to wait for them to choose which ones they want or they have to wait for me to compile them.
I give out my card to almost everyone i take a pic of, coz i know most people want their pics. and i feel bad coz most people stalk my blog for most pics.
Mannequin is not a street style blog it is more of a personal diary of my style, my aim is to show everyone how easy it is to put together a stylish look on a budget, or using maybe similar pieces to mine to inspire as much people as i can to think about what they are putting on and how. I do however once in a blue moon feature someone that really stands out to me or do a post on street style, but like i said, that is once in a blue moon.

so i have come up withe the perfect solution. Its called Mannequin on the streets.

i have started a new blog dedicated to putting up all the street shots i take. and i promise to update it on the reg. i will link it up to Mannequin blog so it is easy for you all to access once you are on this blog, but please do bookmark it, follow it, comment and reblog. So if i snapped you recently or even a while  back, keep checking and you might see yourself there. here is the link

good idea ne? this bulb should have switched on about 6months ago :/

have a great day yall