Monday, October 15, 2012

That shirt cray!

i often get this question: "why don't you ever feature other people on your blog" and at first it puzzled me to put it quiet mildly. but when i thought about it a bit more i thought that i might be a bit to stubborn at times and i realized that Yes! i used to do features a while back, and i stopped. the only other people i put on my blog are my friends, and it is shots that i am also in

Sooo... this passed Friday me and Sandi met up, and i looooved the shirt she was wearing, it complimented her cute little fringed bob incredibly, and so i began to take pictures of her, with the sole intention of proving all my readers wrong! huh!!

im sure you often see this face of mannequin, cause i only associate myself with like-minded souls (does not laugh)
this is a buddy a pal, my peoples and how darn cool does she look???  
by the by this shirt which is the hottest was purchased from the guys section of Mr Price. See? lets refer back to the "like minded soul" comment. You're damn skippy! we think alike!

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