Tuesday, October 16, 2012

floral meets denim

Lets pretend for a minute that i was the genius that had pure luck and and a sharp eye (sharper than the one i have of course) and i was the one that found this skirt and DIY'd it. would you not then crown me the Queen of thrifting and DIY?? i mean....

Unfortunately for me, i was not the one who did, and fortunately Hlomi (one of my closest friends) was. i have been begging her for this skirt for eons. she found it while thrifting in EL. the story is that it was longer, she envisioned it to look better shorter, and altered it, then came up with the sheer brilliance of changing the buttons. I LOVE IT. and i finally have it!!! YAAAAY

now lets move on to the shirt..

i found this amazing denim bleached out shirt at Mr Price from the boys section of course. it is from the Cleo Droomer range and i absolutely love it. it is my 2nd favorite thing in my closet at the moment, after my floral skirt of course.
So pairing these two AMAZE items was a total no brainer for me, and it worked out!

what do you guys think?

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