Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mannequin of the day: Go BOLD or go HOME

Dressed By Alice McCall
Accessories… Sunglasses A La Poupee Merveilleuse
Shoes Melissa Socks American Apparel Bracelets American Apparel (image: howtwolive)

Monday, October 29, 2012

Dimmed to the perfect shade

Mannequin of the day: Twoo Kools

i have found our mannequin of the day nice and early today. I'm already calling it at 09:50 in the morning, coz i am pretty sure that i wont find a cooler pic. TRUST ME


Friday, October 26, 2012

Mannequin of the day: Lu in the streets of NYC

i found this amazing shot of Lu, shot by J. Quazi King a.k.a å“¡Quazimotto.On.Wax. on the streets of New york city. Its quiet amazing isn't it?see Quazi's site here

Thursday, October 25, 2012

MAJOR: The Sartorialist in SA

This has been a good year for fashion, well for me it has. First Solange came to our shores, which i must stress is theeeee BIGGEST thing to me as she is already a fashion icon in my eyes at such a young age. She shot her video in Cape town, and breathed in the same air as me..
ok enough about that.. this post is not about her! In other news The Sartorialist is in SA for fashion week. (i cant breath!!) he will only be in JHB though, i wish he would come to cape town, its got so much to offer in terms of fashion.

I'm happy to report that he has already posted a photograph he took downtown Jhb. this is one lucky lady.

below you will also see my twitter rants going on about how he should come her, maybe you guys should join me and invade his mentions. hehehe

check out his work here

Tribal Orange | The streets of Muizenberg

i am wearing: Tshirt, hat (mr price) | Denim (diy) | Belt sunnies (thrift) | bracelets (flee markets + DIY) | Bag (Greenmarket square) | Minnetonka shoes

Pictures taken by: Sandi Mvandaba