Monday, September 17, 2012

Knit-ly Layered

on this particular day, it was chilly, and i felt like dressing up a bit to go out. i felt very lady like, and in my head i was going to the polo in the middle of winter. hahaha. anyway, i decided to pile on the knits, and i love this look because i can also dress like this at work, and out to play with a few minor changes. in cape town we still get chilly days, and this is perfect for those kind of days.

i am wearing:  Burgundy jersey (mr price) | sleeveless black jersey (jay-jays) | black pants (thrift) | socks (woolies) | boots (mr price) | hat (meltz) | cat eye sunnies (mr price) | collar piece (DIY)


  1. Beautiful pictures. I love your header btw:)

  2. Aaah, good ole mr.price...i like this look. Wouldn't work in my country though coz it's almost always 'summery'.