Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mannequin of the day

listen up to all you mannequin followers, readers, fellow bloggers and fashionista's. i have come up with a new concept for a post that i hope will happen regularly (depending on how much blogging i do each week) its called "Mannequin of the day" 
this post would be of a picture i drew/draw inspiration from, love, or unique, basically a dope ass pic that i would love to share with all of y'all. 
i love photography so i think it deserves its own special corner on this blog. this shot that i would have chosen (hopefully everyday) is not necessarily a shot i took, it can be one i found on another blog (obviously i will credit accordingly) it can be a pic i found anywhere, as i try draw inspiration from anywhere and everywhere.

also do note that i could switch it up and maybe make "mannequin of the day" a place,person,blog,achievement,fashion, or thought. etc it can be anything.

todays mannequin of the day is a pic i found on my good friend hlomi's Facebook timeline. i looooove it. its of her and Lu her cousin and also a friend. i love how quirky it is, the colours, the fashion and of course the people. hope y'all like as well.

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