Monday, April 30, 2012

cold turks with the girls

the other week i went to cold turks with my girls, this had been a long overdue reunion with sandi and ski, and cold turks was the perfect venue. i enjoyed it as usual. we took lots of pics, i had a realy hard time deciding which ones to pic for my blog, but i will put all of them on my personal fb page. so sorry for the wait, enjoy the pics :)

i am wearing: aztec print skirt (jay-jays) | oversized sheer blouse (mr price) | stockings (mr price) | leather jacket | combat boots (shoe shop in cpt) | tribal print slouchy bag (greenmarket square flee) | multicolored turban (fabric stall) | accessories (sass diva)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hansa legends Concert

about two weeks ago we went to the hansa legends concert held at the buffalo park  stadium. i wasn't expecting much, but i was willing to check it out if it meant putting together a cute outfit. it was a cold evening, and i struggle when it comes to dressing up for cold occasions. if it was up to me i would cover myself up with a long trench coat a huge scarf, beanie, gloves and boots, but i have challenged myself to do a little more. i must say i am pretty chuffed with myself, because i really loved what i was wearing.

anyway, besides the fashion part of it i also enjoyed taking interesting shots with bongo. the shots i like to take are not the "posey posey" type of shots most people insist on doing. i like more spontaneous shots, and since i have been in EL one of the few people who give me a much needed push when it comes to my photography is Bongo. (you'll see him in a couple photo's) taking shots like these every night is always the highlight of my evening so i hope you enjoy. 

i am wearing: stockings: mr price | combat boots (shoe shop in cpt) | navy shorts (mr price) | black shoulder padded top (edgars) | blazer (thrift) | scarf (mr price) | tribal print slouchy sling bag (greenmarket flee)