Monday, February 20, 2012

All Buttoned UP

i recently did a DIY job on a blouse i bought at a thrift store. I snipped it, then changed the buttons. i must say the buttons i put on brought out the character of the blouse, brightened it up a bit. i still need to sew the hem,and it will be finite! anyway as soon as i could i decided to play around with the styling of the blouse. i buttoned it up to show off my gorgeous buttons, and added a chain. in some of the pics i decided to tie a leopard print scarf around my head and see how it goes. all in all i love the different ways i can play around with my new blouse, and as you have all noticed i am obsessed with accessories lately. accessorize!! accessorize!! accessorize!! people!! it looks so good when done right

i am wearing: blouse (thrift + DIY) | high waisted denim shorts (mr price) | leopard print scarf (mr prize) | chain (Bead shop/DIY) | black ring (sassy dive) | silver ring (DIY)

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