Saturday, December 10, 2011

Denim Den | three ways - one outfit | Part 1

i have noticed that some people are a bit hesitant when it comes to wearing jean to jean (as we would put it) or an all denim outfit, let me not say all, but mostly denim. for some of us it takes us back to our childhoods (like corduroy pants) and just coz you wore it as a child it does not mean you're to old for it. i don't know what other reason some people may have, but im here to tell you that its all good. TRUST ME! its a classic look if you do it right. i like that it makes me look like im from the 80's/ 90's.

i will post my 3 in one look in 3 parts (posts). the first part is the starting point

i am wearing: Denim jacket (thrift) | Denim shorts (thrift) | crop top (mr price) | sheer oversized blouse (mr price) | brogues (mr price) | sunnies (thrift) | scarf (mr price) | socks (blue) |belt (thrift)

here i am just wearing the blouse, crop top, denim shorts, 

to be continued...

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