Monday, December 26, 2011

Victoria Beckham SS12

here are my fav looks from Victoria's new collection, i specifically zoomed into her dresses, but the coats are to die for too. I really die for the peplum flare coat, the colour blocked fitted dresses and the multi strap floor length dress. i love this woman! what a talent.


to see more of her collections visit here website --->

P.E day 1 | Night time | plus a tip

here's a thought: i always try tell people that go on my blog daily, and that are always asking me for tips ,that developing your own personal style is not necessarily about always buying new clothes every chance you get, its about using what you have and pairing it up with other items that you wouldn't necessarily think to pair with. and when you do buy new clothes, think about what you already have, and how you can wear the new item with your old clothes. 

i have favorite pieces in my wardrobe, and one of them is my blue blazer (as you all might have noticed ha ha) it goes with everything, and i loooove it. my new years resolution is to actually wear less of it! lol. next year my plan is to stop being such a cheap skate, cut down on buying thousands of bargain buys (in other words stop hoarding clothes) and save up for bigger items. im not saying i will stop looking for bargains, but i want to tone it down.

in the next couple post i will touch on the items i wear regularly, but try to make them look new by teaming them up with fresh, exciting, different looks.

use it.. don't use it :)

i am wearing: navy shorts | corset | brogues (all mr price) | stockings (edgars) | bandana (flee) | blue blazer (thrift)| sling bag (thrift)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Xmas

Seasons greetings to all my mannequins, i hope you all had a special christmas with the ones closest to your hearts. thank you for the support over the year, and i wish you all a splendid new year!! Mazel tov!

All my love, Nangi

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

P.E weekend day 1

so we headed of to PE at the beginning of this month, fresh back from joburg to go watch the 7's rugby over the weekend. i had so much fun at the stadium i did not want to leave (although SA lost) the next few post i will take you through the looks i put together, my beautiful friends, and the amazing time i had through pictures, in the hopes that you can atlas feel a little bit of what i felt that weekend on the day of arrival, we did not waist anytime, we dropped of our luggage at the hotel, and went straight to the stadium. i decided on a comfortable look, which was also warm just in case it got chilly later. 
be warned, i tend to take a lot of pics, and i'm so bad at editing :(

i am wearing: grey chinos (mr price) | stripped navy and white cropped sweater (mr price) | denim jacket (thrift) | vintage clutch sling bag (thrift) | floral brogues (mr price) | sunnies (thrift) | bangles (mr price) | black bandana (flee)

Monday, December 19, 2011

Beach Bond fire

a couple weeks ago when the weather was perfect the obvious thing to do was the beach, which was pretty spectacular on that day because we ended up staying late into the night and building a bond fire. i had a blast and i really hope we do this soon.

fyi: i asked av (my friend) to cut a fringe for me, just to see how it would look, as i was planning on taking it out the next day. it ended up looking hella short, and old school. i wasn't quiet sure about it. infact i didn't like the whole hairstyle in the first place. so glad i took it out. some beg to differ, but i was sooooo ready!! haha, i will soon put up a post of my new look for y'all though (which i love)

i am wearing: turquoise monokini (hang ten) | printed loose fitting crop top (flee market) | high waist panty shorts (mr price) | bottle green sunnies (flee) | gold sandals (mr price) | scarf (mr price)

i love this pic of siba

thats six

and av

the fringe *ducks*

here we were trying to take one of those jumping action shots, but i like this one better than the one where we're in the air

recognize this pic??

the guys chatting away

me and mel

vuks (im in love with this shot)

The next couple of pics were taken by av, we were practicing one of the subjects we both took (photography) we also played with distortion.. haha some of them look kinda scary

the end...