Monday, October 31, 2011

nothing like a good pleat!

i'm obsessed with pleats this season. luckily for me i found a treasure at the beginning of this year. when i was searching for my graduation dress, i was looking for the perfect dress that i could wear even after my grad, something i could dress up and dress down with. and so i looked everywhere around CT when i finally convinced myself to go to access park, i was so happy i did it. because i found my treasure at jahaan and on SALE!! a pleated, shear, off white beauty. i also found a maxi white pleated skirt last week, (how lucky) which i will hopefully take shots of his weekend.

recently i went to go take shots at the beach, and one of the looks i did was of this dress, but in a more laid back kinda vibe. so let me share with you the looks. i also want to show you how i wore the dress at my grad.hope you guys like

fyi: in these pics, i look like i cut my hair, but its just tied back, it looks weird, but i like it. maybe i should cut my hair, what do you guys think?

pleated shear dress (jahaan) polka dot scarf (fabric shop) cat eye sunnies, and turquoise ring (mr price)

grad pics: dress (jahaan) belt (a friends) gold statement neckpiece ( a friends ) bronze platform heels (woolworths)


  1. That is a beautiful dress. Well now I guess I have found my new addiction too. Love the cat eyed sunnnies :)

    Cece (cebisa)

  2. awesome pics!
    I definitely will following you if you follow me :D
    Decimal Shoes

  3. truly beautiful photos! i love your dress and girl you have phenomenal lips ;) lucky you!
    you have a really nice blog, the layouts are impecable! would you like us to follow each other?

    kisses *

  4. aaw thank you!! i think thats a good idea, will follow you asap

  5. nangi, you have a beautiful face! i love your style, and your blog is so inspiring. i am your new follower, and totally hoping we can stay connected. cheers!

  6. thank you hun. im so glad you like my blog, and style, it means a lot. thank you for the follow, and lets definitely stay connected

    love and light!