Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mannequin Giveaway

because of all the support i have been getting from all you mannequins, ive decided to spoil you guys, and give away one of the most popular pair of sunnies, everyone loves them and i have been getting a lot of feedback from previous post because of them. a friend of mine got me a pair in joburg, but i asked her to buy two pairs, coz i had you guys in mind.

here's what to do to win:
step1:  you have to follow this blog, if you aren't already
step 2: follow this link -----> and like the mannequin Facebook page
step3:  comment on this post and tell me why you want these  sunnies
step 4: send me a picture of your fav pair of sunnies (that you own) on (optional)

  1. please note that step 4 is not compulsory to do
  2. you can only enter once
  3. the prize will be couriered to the winner
  4. if winner fails to claim the prize within 10 days, it will be referred to someone else
  5. prizes will not be postage insured

this competition ends on the 31st October 2011


  1. So i really wish i could raid your closet *starts praying really hard* lol, but since i cant these sunnies will be my little slice of heaven! I mean who doesnt want John Lennon inspired style and plus not to blow my own horn or anything, they were made for me! So pick me! Pick me! pick me!

  2. aaahhh john lennon's really??!! that's every fashionista's dream pair of sunnies right now!!!! i have been looking for a pair for the past couple of months and was about to resort to a ray ban pair that's way outta my reach. only to add to my financial woes no thanks to my love for precious things. this competition was meant for me. i want i want i neeeeed! <3 khwaza

  3. Anyone who doesn't go gaga over these is seriously lacking a fashion chromosome in their DNA. I have BEEN looking for a pair of John Lennon's and like most things, I couldn't find them in King. Help a small town Deliwe girl dreams come true by making those mine. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease

    Cebisa cece

  4. I am now following your blog (officially) through twitter coz it wouldn't let me do it any other way. Oh + it would be awesome if I won these glasses. =D

    Cebisa cece

  5. hi Nangi my name is Lesego and i love your blog to bits infact i have it listed it as my EPIC BLOG FIX on my blog Http:// why i think i deserve to win those sunnies, i could give ample reasons but here i go. firstly I really appreciate your fashion opinion i have tried out some of your tips and they work wonders, i am inspired that fashion is not just limited to high rollers but also the average guy/girl. Secondly, I need a pair of these it is a matter of new fashion oxygen needed... thirdly, I am ex tom-boy trying to break out of my shell and i believe if if i pair these with a pair of vintage floral short, my red vintage cardigan and a pair of black brogues i would have done them and you justice... please please pick me Ms Nangi please

  6. thanx for the entries honeys, you all are making it so hard for me, what a position i have put myself in. please note that some of you have not successfully followed this blog.

    a while back i did a post on how to follow this blog, refer to it here--->
    it shows you the steps. the only thing that i did not mention on that post (i think) was that blogger asks you what account you want to follow with (twitter, yahoo, gmail) so you choose. preferably do it via your p.c it works better.

    i also know that sometimes it takes a while for a follower to reflect (not to say you guys did not do it) but double check for me please ladies

    thank you again for entering, and look out for more giveaways this summer

    love nangi