Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fashionista Feature: Hlomi Jack

so after the feature i did on Gugu Duma a couple months ago, i decided i would try do a lot more regularly (which i haven't i know and i'm sorry, so accept this as my peace offering) because it was a huge hit and i got a lot of positive feedback, i mean its still the most popular post of all time on my blog, so what i would like for this one is to climb up and pass that posts views :)


Meet Hlomi Jack. She is a med student at UCT, i lived with her for about a year and a half in cape town, but i have known her for probably over 10 years, so believe me when i say when you walk the passages of med campus, or any where else for that matter, you will know when you see her because of her impeccable, colorful, and sometimes romantic style.

i did a really small interview via phone with her on her style, and gathered up a lot of her looks so you all can get the gist of her style. i hope you like coz i do

"i am wearing a brown wedge from mr price, the high waist pants were originally jeans that i cut into shorts, i got them from a hospice shop, the blouse is a thrift find,and im wearing coral revlon lipstick"

Fashion is…

"Expressing your emotions and the way you see the world through how you look, how you look at the world and your place in it can be illustrated through the clothes you wear, and how good you feel in them."

"here im wearing a leather jacket from a boutique in joburg, shoes from mr price, the boyfriend jeans i got in the kiddies section from mr price, and the tasseled bag from my mom "

what inspires your style, and how would you describe it?
im a sucker for vintage, i usually think of my style as aspiring to be a romantic vintage, its feminine but i try keep it close to who i am by being inspired by all things vintage and dressing my old soul"

" the shirt is from edgars, the leggings are thrifted, and the boots i got from holland, a friend got them for me 

what are you into this season?

" right now im crazy about bold prints and bright colours, crop tops and anything white. white dresses, white blazers, white denims. and im also really into wedges. 


the top is actually a dress, one of the things i love doing is double up the function of my clothes, a dress one day, a top the other. the denim shorts are from mr price the bag i got from saudi "

fav designers/style icons

"Coco Chanel, Karla, Blake Lively. These people have effortless style, feminine and timeless. Coco Chanel was unapologetic about her look, not many people are that bold and daring to be different, and karla blake i love for their femininity and pretty much making anything look good

"here im wearing Zara shorts , a crop top that i cut from one of my dresses, brogues from Mr price, and the neckpiece i got from my mom form Saudi  "

What trend do you loath this season (or any other season) 

"clogs i hate them. liquid leggings, anything "v" at the edge, those should never make a come back "

"The denim corset is from mr price, and the skirt is a thrift i got altered, and the wedges are also from mr price "

Fav piece in your closet:

My brown/mauve leather jacket my mom got for me in Saudi Arabia. I think its a timeless piece, i imagine that one day when i have a daughter i will pass it on to her. "

" the grey blazer is from mr price, and the shoes and bag i got from my mom. The black shirt is from a boutique in canal walk, the skirt is from edgars, and i bought a piece of blue material and made it a head scarf"

"i am wearing: a dress that i got at a hospice, it was originally a skirt and i got it  altered. the wedges are from mr price, i am wearing a michael kors watch that i always wear because it goes with everything, and the sunnies a friend got for me from joburg"

"The shirt is a thrift find, and the bikini top is from foschini"

"Im wearing leopard print heels from rage, purple tartan high waist skirt i got from a friend, a crop top i cut from one of my dresses, the red purse i got from a thrift store for next to nothing, the neck piece i got at a flea market in Cape town CBD"

Name one item you would love to magically appear in your closet when you wake up tomorrow morning: "a white tulip summer dress "

Hlomi's favorite things

Colour nail polish: Coral
Short or long hair: short
heels or boots: heels
Guilty pleasure: Lip products and dresses
Perfume: DKNY Be Delicious and D&G Rose the one
Book: I genuinely enjoyed Anne Frank's Diary and its the latest thing i have read
fav store: I die for Zara clothes, right now i live for the kiddies section at mr price


  1. This is AMAZING.
    Hlomi, you're amazing. Tese outfits are stunnin. Such a beaut. <3

    xo Gugu