Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ape's Birthday Braai

so this past weekend we were celebrating Ape's birthday (belated). we all met at the river and had so much fun. i  love weekends like that in EL, they just make me a lot more excited for festive vibes. Anyway heres what went down

i am wearing: (mostly thrift ha ha ) geometric top [Thrifted] | denim high waist shorts [i got a bigger size, im sorta into bigger clothes lately] | black pantyhose | blue oversized blazer [thrifted] | and brown brogue boots [mr price]

that's the lovely six! how stylish does she look, love the pallet

thats me and sugar check out her blog here

 thats bongo. loooove the way he is dressed

mel, suga, six and tando

tando and mel, tando also has her own blog, check it out here

buno and six

 thats most of us

thats the birthday boy ape (in the blue)


  1. Twas great vibes and love the pictures

  2. where do you thrift shop? ive been trying to shop around CT but i dont seem to be going to the right places

  3. well mowbray is good place to look, from forrest hill down there are a number of salvation army's. one on the right by where that garage used to be just under forrest hill, and two to your left closer to the chemist. there is also one i know of in kennilworth. by barkley house (cput res) the street before the railway. and then there are a number of shops in woodstock. you need a whole day to walk that whole main road. theres also a salvation army on your left (if you are going towards the CBD direction) i forgot exactly where but close to a furniture shop, i think lewis.

    hope this is enough, but there are plenty everywhere you go.