Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tie it in a BOW!

i love this trend because it gives me something new to do with my scarfs. Also it comes in handy when im having a bad hair day!

 i absolutely love this pic! its my fav of the lot

 Riri ties up her red locks

 dont be afraid to overdo it! who cares

 Lady gaga ties her own hair in a bow!


Yola diliza looks glam in her bow (ape and tia next to her)

 This is me! i just took one of my fav scarfs and went wild (siba next to me)

 i also use my leopard print scarf to create this trend (siba and suga next to me)

 Nangi (me)

 heres a collection of pics with a bow, and flower headband,if you are to lazy to tie your own (laz, hlomi next to me)


me again using my floral scarf to create this look

Aya in her trendy bow! LOVES