Sunday, August 21, 2011

My New Hair

This past weekend I got  a new look. I have been meaning to get braids done for a while, but I've just been too lazy because it takes too long. I'm glad i finally got them done!

Think Brandy, Think Janet Jackson, and of cause Solange Knowles

I couldn't go as long as them, too much effort for me, but I'm happy with my length

Have a look

 Janet jackson was the queen of braids

 and brandy's signature braids were much thinner

 This is Solange trying out this old school trend!!

I adore how she styled it here!!

I love that i can be creative with them and tie them up into so many different looks


  1. hi thre

    i lovvvvve the new hair its givin me ideas
    i think ill do the Solange hair do

    thnx for the inspiration xoxo

  2. aaaaah thanx leng leng!!! and go 4 it

  3. So!Nangi I got these braids done yesterday! I'm kinda stuck coz I don't know how to style em! Help a sister out hle?

  4. haha ok i will try my best lucie. you see i think that box braids make enough of a statement without you having to do much to them. so i would say during the day leave them down they look stunning that way, i mean look at solange! or if they annoy you tie them up as hig as you can into a messy or cute bun. i also loved just tying a scarf around them, or around my he'd. play around with it. if you wanna make a statement you can try out a high big bun to the side or closest to the front. be creative (like solange did again)

    hope this helped

    i also wanna do them again closer to festive, but the really long ones this time ;) i think im ready. im just letting my hair breath for now