Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fashionista Feature: Gugu duma

Im proud to let you all know that she is my cousin, we grew up together, we loved the same things as kids, and we blossomed apart as we became older as the ladies we are today that really love fashion, and a good deal!!!! haha :)

honestly fashion is not about buying the most expensive brands all the time, its what you make of it. and thats what i love about gugu!! she is all for a bargain, she loves thrifting just like i do, and you will be surprised how "affordable" her looks are. and they look oh so stunning, she looks like something out of a vintage book!!

so i had a bit of a chat with her about her looks, this is what she said..

but first here's a short intro she wrote about herself

" I'm Gugu Duma and I'm two decades old, i study at Vega School of Branding in Joburg, doing a BA in Brand building, which is not what it sounds like. Its Ecos, art, digital media, critical thinking, Marketing and Branding all in one lil' fun degree.
I dislike Box minded people, I'm Liberal, free, i love feeling free. I don't really have a particular style as you can see. I just hate all trends, if that makes sense. I'm a sucker for all things high waisted .
I miss summer coz of my love for the crops, and the leg. We're young! we can be sexy ;-) ... My style is my personality. Anti conformist (is that even a word lol) who still keeps it real? is that cool? "

 "  Almost every item i have is thanks to my thrift store obsession. the printed button down shirt and bottle green high waisted chinos were  5 buckaroonies (R5) a pop the brown belt too. The denim jacket with floral print was a gift from a friend of mine, she got the jacket in BeiJing. The brown sandals are from Prato, and the bag is a camera bag that i use as a handbag and i got it for R10 at a hospice shop in Pretoria

"haha this is my skanky/raunchy look. Ok so the denim panties are from ages ago, i usually wear them at the beach, I was feeling brave on this day haha. The brown belt was R10 at a second hand shop, the shirt was R5 at the hospice, the stockings are from woolworths, and i wore white school socks over them (and people said theres no swag in white socks haha) My heels are from Aldo "

"Well i got the hat at a market in town, it was R30, the top is a tee that my gran got for me a while back, i wasn't to fond of it until the crop top trend rocked my boat, and i just snipped it myself DIY (i do it all the time). the high waist light wash jeans are again coz of thrifting, i got them at a second hand shop for R10, the boat shoes were from my mama. I feel like she got them at Hush puppy. and the sunnies are also from the streets of pitoli town at another market"

i adore this look on Gugu

"Well the docs are from a store in Marabastad (believe it or not) That sold school shoes and stuff, the stockings are from woolies, the denim shorts were a gift, my old friend Alisha got them in Thailand, my denim shirt is from a thrift store, the backpack too"

Gugu and a friend

here im wearing High waisted light blue/grey shorts, mustard blazer, both from a second hand shop in PTA. Dark grey t-shirt with worded print, which a friend gave to me "

"Floral crop top from Mr Price, High waist denim shorts and brown leather belt from the same second hand store mentioned above, and the docs are the same ones as before"

"LOL this was fun. The shorts were jeans from river island this was i DIY job, and i cut the jeans into shorts, the tee is from jay-jays and the shoes are boots that we got from the TUT drama department. i did this for my friends photo shoot, she wanted pics for her portfolio"

Here are some amazing pics of Gugu!! what i love about her is that she re-invents her look a lot, and always seems to make it look good!! and most of us are afraid of change!! well look at this lady!!

I love her!

Mohawk look

I love how grungy these pics are

Then she does Braids

Then she cuts of her hair (brave huh?)

How cute is this pic



  1. Aaaah! This post made my day, my favourite by far! Awesome job you two gems! Love you loadz!

  2. Loooove it! Love every look.

    You should try compiling a thrift store directory. I'm dying in PTA. I haven't found a single one. :(

    Very nice feature. :)

  3. akamhle uGugu*
    loooooove this post...

  4. thanx for the love guys!! you guys made this post the most popular!!

    how awesome is Gugu?? <3