Friday, August 26, 2011

Dance off

I'm rolling on the floor laughing while writing this post, ok I'm not rolling on the floor, but this video to me is HILAAAAR!

My boyfriend and i stumbled upon this song and started dancing to it randomly, so i switched on my photobooth and recorded this, it was so fun, and totally improv

i thought i should share, just to show you guys how much fun we have!!



  1. i cant see the video :( oh and its "my boyfriend and I, not me and my boyfriend" :p

  2. Aaah! :'D I am so done with you two! I loved it! Laughed till I cried. Thanks guys for sharing your joyful moments with us. :)

  3. hahahaha nithi nizalwa ngoobani na nina? love it! Siba your hands will never forgive you for that, Nangi, chick got a booty going on there, you can move mos, robot inspired but still *hi 5*