Friday, August 5, 2011

As Promised...

So i got a lot of questions about my "good hair" post. A lot of ladies wanted to know more about the peruvian hair especially. so heres what i found out.
Bella Zara's is the name!! and their goal is to make top quality, beautiful hair available to every woman, as they only use the finest, healthy 100% human hair originating from India and Brazil. contact info on how to get it is below
What they carry:
Indian Remy Hair: 10" R280, 12" R400, 14" R500, 16" R650, 18" R780, 20" R945, 22" R1050 

Brazilian Premium Hair: 12" R580 , 14" 680, 16" R790, 18" R950, 20" R1 050, 22 "R1150
Peruvian Hair: 14" R1050 , 16" R1150 , 18" R1250, 20" R1400 

contact information:
phone number:508 310 3610
Order by Phone call: 072 753 5000 Order by mail:

Alternatively you guys can go to diva divine i know they do carry malaysian hair, im not to sure about the peruvian, contact deets to follow


162 Corlett Drive,
Bramley, South Africa
T: +27 11 786 5675

Peruvian hair

 Peruvian hair

This is the bella zara logo, get familiar with it

and this is the diva divine logo

once again, you're welcome

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