Thursday, August 11, 2011

Annual dj Naves party in EL

Me and my mates had a blast this past weekend at Xanadu! that night will definitely be one that we will talk about for a while! and yes, as per usual we were dressed to the nines!

Although East London is a very chilled place when it comes to fashion, it is slowly picking up. I'm so used to wearing what i what in the oh so eccentric cape town, and nobody caring, because its normal there. So its pretty weird when i get oooh's and aaaah's about my look

Soooo with that being said, what I'm wearing here was definitely out of the ordinary here in EL... BUT.... I LOVED IT! and if you don't! well, different strokes for different blokes.. *shrugs*

Lets see..



 Ok full image, so im wearing my chinos, with a navy vintage belt, white brogues, floral print tee, navy vintage sling bag, and a floral print scarf that i tied into a turban!

 Thats me and Six, both trying out our head gear trends, she's rocking the oversized bow, and me the turban! LOVE?

 me and Siba

 Loved how six was dressed. She rocked a lacy little nude dress, paired it up with a bottle green blazer, a beautiful gold brooch, and her over sized leopard print bow


 Me, Yolanda, six, and paula

 also love what paula was wearing, she paired her leopard dress with black stockings, and a silver clutch. oh and you cant see the shoes properly but please believe that they were stunning


Anyway!!! let me end of by saying

Flower power!! *puts peace sign up*

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