Tuesday, July 29, 2014

MBFW Cape Town: Street Style

fashion week means the same faces (to me) the same venues (lets exclude Tlale shows) and a very cliquey crowd (yawns..) This year at least we had a scandal with the whole Rajah saga.

The one thing i look forward to though, is browsing through the street style sections and shots that bloggers treat us with. That is always so colourful, and means something different with each blog page you go through, a different point of view of how they saw the proceedings.
This year however i missed this from a few of my fav bloggers. I have excused Trevor Stuurman from The Stuurman Style Diary, as he was out of the country :( .
I always love Mali's point of view, and very creative shots from Skattie what are you wearing so please do go check out his blog, you are guaranteed great visuals.. as if you were there!
I also found some of the coolest #MBFWCT street style images on the relevant blog today. the type of palettes i like to see in images. check out more on the blog this is a blog i shall keep my eye on!

here are some of my Favourites.


Photo cred: The relevant blog

Back from my Hiatus


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Day 1 as GLAMOUR Style Diarist

I somehow got asked to feature on one of Glamour's most popular sections on they're site "today I'm wearing" i don't know how this happened since i have be MIA from my blog for a while now (apologies) but I'm now back to share with you all what i have come up with :)

Take a look below the first picture shared, also click through to glamour to check out my outfit credits, comment, share and like.

Side note: i have been seen on the streets of Instagram more than here :/ so please do follow me on nangi_noruka if ya'll still love me :(

Thursday, January 9, 2014

A day of androgyne

I just discovered these while cleaning out my Mac, and i thought why not post them since i promised to be more frequent on these streets in 2014 :P

A friend shot me on the streets of cape town on a random day after work. I was in the androgynous spirit that day, and i owned it from top to bottom including the hair... eek >_< (side note: everytime i see this haircut i want to go back. Its so bad!! but i have made such an effort growing it back i might regret it so alas)

This was also somewhat of a cold day to i layered up strategically

Thank You to Sandi for the beautiful shots always!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2014 Denim DIY

One of my fav things to do is DIY's, and sharing is caring, so here's what i did with one of my denim shorts a while back.

What i love about these is the colour, the length i made them and the print i added. its pretty simple to add any print to your denim, just buy fabric glue, or if you have trust issues and would rather make sure your fabric stays on then i would advise sewing it on. i hope my step by step picture tutorial is clear enough.

Have fun DIY'ng and Happy New Year beauties :)

i used: fabric glue, blade, paintbrust and a needle

 first i unraveled the bottom of my denims, the pockets in front and at the back, and the zip area. Any place really that will give it more detail, its your prerogative. i used a blade to cut of the stitchings and a pin to unravel. this is a very tedious task trust me, so be patient.

then i took my printed fabric pieces , cut them to fit in the areas i wanted and applied my fabric glue under and a coat over them

and voila!